The routes


These are the proposed routes. The definitive ones will be selected a couple of days before the meet, depending on wind and sea conditions. In brief, the weather will dictate where we will be able to navigate.

We will select two out of the four routes, one for each day. Departure will be at 10 a.m., returning at about 5 p.m.

The departure point and the bus collection points, along with the timetables, will be published on this website.


We set off from Macaret towards Cala Caldes and Es Sivinar beaches. The rocky outcrops are noticeable along this first stretch. Heading southwards, the diversity of the coastline is striking: geological contrasts and colours, from slate grey rocks and cliffs, to sandy red fossil dunes, carved by the northern ‘Tramontana’ wind storms. We carry on up to Favaritx, an area dominated by an imposing lighthouse. It overlooks several beaches characterized by a particular greyish sand, due to the type of rock formation in the area. We will finish up at one of these little beaches. 

Location: North East / Distance: 7 km / Duration: 5 hours / Level: Beginners.



The route starts off at Favaritx, an wild, unspoilt area. It is dominated by an imposing lighthouse, which overlooks several beaches. These are characterized by a singular greyish sand, as a result of the rock formations of the area. We set off from one of these small beaches near the lighthouse towards Es Grau. We will be kayaking in the Natural Park of S’Albufera des Grau, a protected area of great environmental value. At first the scenery is rocky, then gradually more vegetation can be seen. This area is particularly rich in posidonia, a seagrass found only in the Mediterranean. It forms meadows that are a haven for a wide variety of species, for spawning and reproducing, providing shelter and nutrients, being also a bed for plants to take root and grow. Eventually we arrive in Es Grau. 

Location: North East / Distance: 7 km / Duration: 5 hours / Level: Beginners.



We discover the south coast of the island from Cala Galdana. The scenery is a synthesis of white sandy beaches, turquoise blue sea, pine tree groves… We stop at Cala’n Turqueta, one of the most emblematic coves of the area. The name ‘turqueta’ (turkish) originates from the landings of turks that occurred here. The scenery along the last stretch of the route is slightly different: we explore several small caves along a stretch of 2,5 km of coastline. The beaches of Macarelleta and Macarella are striking: an unbelievably blue sea contrasting with intense green pine groves. Soon after we arrive at Cala Galdana for lunch.

Location: South / Distance: 16 km / Duration: 6 hours / Level: Beginners.



This section is renowned for its total lack of buildings; it is unspoilt territory. We see only beaches, cliffs, caves and mediterranean woodlands. The first beach we come to is Binigaus, a wide beach, edged by little pockets of sand below rocky outcrops. We carry on to Cala Escorxada, where we have a swim. Along this bit of the coast there are several small caves. Then comes Cala Trebaluger, known for its stream that flows almost up to the sea, and that is navigable for a kilometre. We will kayak up the stream in groups of five, to discover a different world. We will have lunch at the beach, before carrying on towards Cala Mitjana. The 2 km of this coastline reveals magnificent caves to explore, such as Cova Foradada , Cova del Contrabandista, or Cova d’es Pas. We see ‘Pont d’en Ali’, a natural rock bridge that forms a small tunnel. We arrive at Cala Mitjana, and, after a short rest, we visit what is probably the highlight of the day: the ‘Encantada’ cave, a cave that is 300m deep, for which torches are needed. 

Location: South / Distance: 9 km / Duration: 6 hours / Level: Beginners.